WordPress Development

  • Note: We do not use ready made solutions. We communicate with you, learn your world, define your goals and how we can reach the expected results. We are here to listen to you, to learn from you and to help you reaching your expectations.

    Why WordPress to Build Your Website?

    Easy to Manage / Greater Accessibility / Speed of Communication

    – Content updates can be done by anyone from your team.WordPress supports multiple users and different levels of access can be setup (shop manager, editor, admin, etc…) Text, images, product prices, are just a simple click or two away from being live on your site. For more complex websites we customize the backend experience so even non-technical users can easily manage it. The content on your website can be altered immediately by you, thereby giving your website visitors the most timely and current details possible.

    Customization front End and Back End for Easy Management.

    – There are many CMS systems and Shopping Cart options available today and for many projects we looked at them (Shopify, Drupal, Prestashop, etc…) very carefully.  None of them offers an easier and less expensive way to customize your front end and very importantly your back end for easy management than WordPress.

    Design Consistency /Design Flexibility

    – The theme setup assures your look and feel will be consistent throughout so that your visitors stay focused on your message rather than being distracted by multiple layouts. Not only can you have a single theme to provide the consistency you may want, but WordPress also provides powerful flexibility so that you could have a whole different theme and/or layout for every single page of your website…if you really wanted to. A frequent request is for sections of the websites to have a similar layout with different color themes. WordPress has proven to be capable of providing diverse design throughout the website.

    Social Networking Friendly

    Automatically integrate your blog posts with social media like Twitter, facebook, Linkedin instead of having to go to each one, login, and make a post that you’ve just added something new to your website. We do not always advise auto-posting from blog to social. Customizing your posts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and including your URL link in the post produces much better engagement results.

    High End Hosting Services and Security

    – We provide only high end WordPress hosting solutions through our VPS (virtual dedicated server) or PRESSABLE Hosting (Pressable is a sister company of Jetpack and Vaultpress. Pressable is also a woocommerce preferred host company). You Wordpress site is backed up daily or real-time on a secure server with multiple redundancies – if any issues arise, we can quickly and easily restore from a backup.All our sites are automatically optimized for peak performance, making them blazing fast.

    SEO Friendly

    – WordPress makes it easier to work on optimizing your site for better search engine results. We run check on your content to make sure they are fully optimized for your specifics keywors and keyphrases. There are several report options depending on your need. You WordPress site will be integrated with you Google Anlytics account.

    Mobile Responsive

    – All the themes we use or develop work perfectly on all devices. All our Wordpress designs allow the site elements to adjust for mobile and tablet. All our WordPress sites pass the Google Mobile Test.

  • Some WordPress sites developed, designed and managed
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These samples are representative of our WordPress design and development work. If you would like to view more or have any questions on these, please contact us.I have a question